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First edition of the Digital Magazine of the Project.

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This edition has articles written by the project partners related to the life of rivers and streams. In this number you can find information about the 15 years of Proxecto Rios (River Project) in Galiza, an article about Projeto Rios (River Project) in Portugal,...
Leaf Decomposition methodology – Comic Book

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The CFE-Freshwater Ecology Lab (University of Coimbra, Portugal) created a cartoon that illustrates the leaf litter bag protocol: this approach is used by scientists all over the world to understand streams functioning and their ecological integrity. Understanding...
Turkish teachers have been meeting online

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Teachers from Turkey kept working during the confinement state, helding online meetings to discuss how to continue the work within the project, mainly connected to the Heritage component coming up with ways to gather contents related to Poetry, Recipes, Scenarios for...