E-Book: Life in Streams and their Riparian area

An E-Book gathering information on how to educate youngsters on the importance of preserving and conserving rivers ecosystems will be produced.  It will be produced texts on the different aspects of the life in the river from the natural aspects to its social, historical and practical aspects, including case studies and pedagogical and didactic activities.

The E-Book will resort on visual graphic and multimedia materials: 3D and 2D animations, videos, pictures, drawings, etc, in order to better communicate the contents related to biology, ecology, specifically ecosystems and the river memories and regarding scientific researches previously made, industrial, cultural and economic activities related to the river across time, raising awareness of the natural beauty and richness of the cultural and fluvial heritage.

The E-Book will also have video tutorials for field activities. These Tutorials will be used to train students on how to best carry out the field researches. Its content will be totally practical, given them practical instruction and recommendations to facilitate and take the best profit from the field researches.

The E-book will be divided into the following:

1. Introduction to the project and its themes

2. Chapters:

  • Rivers and Ecology 
  • Rivers and History 
  • Impacts of human action in the rivers 
  • Biodiversity in Ecotone 
  • Role of Environmental Education in river conservation 

3. Case studies of good practices 

4. Activity sheets and interactive games 

5. Resources

6. Bibliography