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IES Brión

IES de Brión is located in Pedrouzos, the capital of the municipality of Brión, situated in the “A Maía” valley. This location determines the characteristics of our students and helps to explain their heterogeneity. A part of our students lives in a rural environment, uses Galician as their mother tongue and their families have a low sociocultural level. However, the proximity to Bertamiráns, converted into a small town of Santiago de Compostela means that the Institute also has students with urban culture, strengthen by the numerous urbanizations that exist in the municipality of Brión. The sociocultural environment of these semi-urban students is diverse although there is a minority of families with a high level of education.

IES de Brión has been operating since the academic year of 2007-2008. It started out as a small center that only taught ESO. In 2008 the Institute left its former location to move to the current one, in Pedrouzos. The new building, larger and better equipped, allowed to start teaching the Baccalaureate in Science and Humanities and Social Sciences.