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Science and Art Center 

Şehit Prof. Dr. İlhan Varank Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi (Martyrs Prof. Dr. İlhan Varank Science and Art Center) is a public science and art center. Center supports the educational needs of exceptional students who are gifted and talented in primary, secondary, high schools. In standard intelligence tests, children/students who achieve an intelligence level (IQ) of approximately 130 or 140 according to the type of test, or who perform superiorly than their peers with the same age, experience or environmental conditions in the fields of visual arts and music are considered to be special talented and special education support for these children. Science and Art Centers are not an educational institution alternative to formal schools, but an educational institution that supports formal education institutions. Our Center started providing education at the beginning of 2010 and today has 713 gifted students and 39 teachers in the filed of gifted&talented education. The students continue their own schools and attend our center simultaneously. Our center aims to make students realize their abilities and educate them according to their interests and needs.