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«Aquatic Ecosystems»

Between the 3rdand 7thof February 2020, the Technical College „Mircea Cristea” (Romania) carried out a series of activities within the LIVINGRIVER project. The activities consisted of interactive lessons about "Aquatic Ecosystems" held with the students from the 9th...

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The students of the Xelmirez I school, have conducted a river inspection on the river "Lañas" (TOuro). They wanted to note the influence of the proximity of the "Touro Mine" to that river. They were able to verify that the river was in very poor condition, with low...

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Graft River visit, Brasov

On December 13th 2019, teachers Constantinov Oana and Vasluianu Germina from the "Mircea Cristea" Technical College, together with their students, paid a visit to the neighborhood of Brasov Șchei. This area is crossed by the Graft River, which is the object of...

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Teacher’s meeting

22 November 2019 Meeting with the teachers of the associated schools to plan future activities within the project.

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Leaves of alnus glutinosa collection and identification

Taking advantage of the unusual rising temperature in November, the students from the associated schools went to the field to identify and collect the leaves of alnus glutinosa, which had not been damaged by the very cold period in the beginning of November. The...

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Teacher Training Course of the LIVINGRIVER Project

Between 21stand 24thof October, it will be held in Coimbra (Portugal), the first Teacher Training Course of the LIVINGRIVER Project. Teachers from the Associated Schools in Portugal, Spain, Romania and Turkey will be together to learn about the scientific...

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The LivingRiver project was presented in Guinea-Bissau

On the 15th of april  ASPEA presented the LivingRiver projected to the participants of the V International Congress of Environmental Education of the Portuguese speaking Countries and Communities, in Bijagós, Guinea-Bissau. The congress aimed to increase the...

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