This activity, carried out on March 5th 2020, consisted of a gymkhana with a series of tests prepared by the group of students of IES Ribeira do Louro, in the Livingriver project. The tests were related to the different parts studied in our Louro river: general information of the river (length, source, mouth, route …); flora (indigenous and invasive); fauna (native and invasive or exotic); river recovery or restoration measures; environmental impacts and ethnography (uses of the river throughout history).

Each of these parts represented a station through which each group of students had to pass (in total the students were divided into 5 groups with 6 students each) and in which they had to solve a series of tests to get a letter and to be able to guess the words that made up the final message ( see in the photos “Livingriver Ribeira Louro Porriño Fronsac.” The tests were very varied, from riddles, tests, games, puzzles, diptychs , etc. The winning team received an award.

With this activity the students of the IES Ribeira do Louro have shown river Louro to the French students and teachers, and also the students and teachers of other training centers in O Porriño (CPI Santo Tomás, CPI Hermanos Quiroga and CEIP Santa Mariña), and presented, at the same time, the Livingriver project.