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Louro River hike

On Friday the 29th March 2019 third-year ESO students from our secondary school, accompanied by the Biology and Geology Departments, went on an excursion by the Louro River, in order to get to know more about its riverside, which gives its name to our school. The outing consisted of a walk by the riverside identifying the Louro River’s flora and fauna, both indigenous and nonnative. The excursion lasted the whole of the school day.

Starting at the pilgrim hostel in Porriño we went on an almost circular route which ended near the Lourambal football field. The itinerary took us along the right and left banks of the river before moving away from it.

Mankind has intervened on many occasions in this river. It rises in Pazos de Borbén, where man-made structures, from bridges to different kinds of flood defenses, can easily be found. One can see many ruined stone buildings as well as modern structures. Along the walk there are benches where one can rest and wooden bridges that help getting from one side to the other with ease. We can also find signs that give us information on the various native species common throughout the riverside and some nearby parks.

Apart from that we became familiar with the flora and fauna, for instance the nonindigenous eucalyptus or the carrizo (Arundo donax) and indigenous trees together with some of their uses, such as the use of elderberry pith as a glass cleaner. Furthermore we became familiar with the fauna, such as the ducks in the river and some bird species that make their home on the trees of the riverside. We also had the opportunity to see many of the things we were taught at school, such as the bends of the river.

It was a very interesting and relaxing excursion that showed us this river’s beauty with such lush vegetation from which we can learn so much.


                                                                                                                                                Saúl Fariñas Rodríguez 3 ESO-A