Between 21stand 24thof October, it will be held in Coimbra (Portugal), the first Teacher Training Course of the LIVINGRIVER Project. Teachers from the Associated Schools in Portugal, Spain, Romania and Turkey will be together to learn about the scientific methodologies adapted for the project.

The Course will be divided into two parts.

The first part of the course will introduce the methodologies of historical research, identifying the various typologies of sources and the registration of tangible and intangible heritage, which contribute to the knowledge of the history of watercourses in strict relation with the communities who live and occupy its margins.

The second part of the course addresses basic principles and concepts of stream ecology and allows the participants to develop hands-on skills in the use of leaf litter decomposition – key stream ecosystem process – as a «tool» to get insights on the stream biota, streams functioning and their functional integrity.

The programme of this activity can be consulted here:  Training Course_final programme