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Between the 20th and 23rd of October the teachers of the associated schools and the partners of the project traveled to Brasov (Romania) for the second teacher training course of the project.

This event was the first time the teachers were all together face-to-face after the pandemic and it was an important activity, where the main goal was the sharing of experiences and the connection between peers.
The programme of the activity was focused on the presentation of the work done by the schools in the project, lectures and practical activities on tools and methodologies to work the topic of river conservation and cultural activities.

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In March 2021, Prof. Lucia Pavelescu organized a meeting with students from the 11th and 12th grade, from the “Grigore Antipa” College of Sciences Brașov, on the occasion of World Water Day. On this occasion, the professor presented this year’s theme: “Water recovery” and drew attention to finding solutions to the current water crisis, maintaining water quality, preventing natural disasters and reducing the amount of water used daily. Issues related to water consumption, the effect of unsuitable water and diseases caused by improper water consumption were discussed. The students presented projects in Power Point and gave papers on the topic: World Water Day. The protection of the rivers was another element of debate and a 12th grade student made a flyer in this regard. As a final conclusion of the debates: Our involvement, of all, in water protection matters!

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“The first teacher training course of the LIVINGRIVER project was held in Coimbra between 21stand 24th of October 2019. In it participated more than 30 people, being staff members of the partner organizations and teachers from the associated school.

The main goal of this course was to endow the participants with the theoretical bases and practical experience needed to approach and explore running waters (mainly streams), its historical contexts and ecology.

The course was divided into two parts, with the first part being related to the Historical and Cultural components of the project where it was presented the scientific methodology adapted by Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and the participants were able to visit Coimbra University Archive. In the second part of the course, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the scientific methodology adapted by Universidade de Coimbra, related to Leaf Decomposition, and put that methodology into practice with a field trip to the river.

The feedback from the participants was very positive and the teachers and staff can now start working with the students of the associated schools, applying the scientific methodologies presented. ”

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Gouveia Secondary School During the period of confinement the rivers didn’t stay forgotten! Students from Gouveia Secondary School wrote texts and took pictures of “their” rivers and streams. A casa da Luz (The House Light)By Antonio Correia LIVINGRIVER Project –...

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